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Industrial Papers

Halbert Mill specializes in converting industrial papers into quality packaging.

Pallet Liners

Available in .008 to .070 caliper thicknesses, our liners prevent bags from working between pallet boards and offers protection against nails or splinters.

Five pallets of our lighter weight liners contain the equivalent of a full truckload of corrugated sheets.

Top Protectors

Our high strength top protector sheets keep your product clean and provides protection against stacking damage.


Our interleaver sheets perform as stabilizers for your loads, preventing shifting and allowing for higher stacking of product, thus reducing storage requirements.

Industrial Rolls

Our industrial rolls are designed to be used to protect finished floors, countertops, stairs and other surfaces during new construction and remodeling. Also ideal for painting applications, arts & crafts, and wrapping paper.

Offered in several convenient roll sizes-high strength and durable-affordable cost.

Poly-Coated Paper

Available in either sheets or rolls, our poly coated paper is used in the wrapping of metal parts and tools.